Well Worth Your Time : From Truthstream Media

CLICK ON THIS TEXT and go and watch this video from Truthstreammedia.com – if you don’t watch anything else this life time . . . . And for you truly brave folks out there – go to their site and peruse – I do have a question – if your city council or county boardContinue reading “Well Worth Your Time : From Truthstream Media”

Schneier on Security

The NSA on the Risks of Exposing Location Data The NSA has issued an advisory on the risks of location data. Mitigations reduce, but do not eliminate, location tracking risks in mobile devices. Most users rely on features disabled by such mitigations, making such safeguards impractical. Users should be aware of these risks and takeContinue reading “Schneier on Security”

NPR: “Mounting Evidence” Suggests COVID Not As Deadly as Thought. Did the Experts Fail Again?

In April 2005, Charles Duelfer, the CIA’s top weapons inspector in Iraq, admitted in the CIA’s final report that after an extensive search, no weapons of mass destruction could be found. “After more than 18 months, the WMD investigation and debriefing of the WMD-related detainees has been exhausted,” wrote Duelfer, the leader of the IraqContinue reading “NPR: “Mounting Evidence” Suggests COVID Not As Deadly as Thought. Did the Experts Fail Again?”

Breaking News : NO LIVES MATTER !! – Not Kidding! Folks – Stop – Look – Think!

This post will probably be unpleasant for some of you out there – for some of you that have been around here for awhile maybe not so much . . . “The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around aContinue reading “Breaking News : NO LIVES MATTER !! – Not Kidding! Folks – Stop – Look – Think!”

Exposing the Occult Corona-Initiation Ritual

Click on the teaser text below and go read the article . . . The entire world is participating in an occult corona-initiation ritual, although hardly anyone will realize it. The measures and policies which governments have rolled out worldwide ever since Operation Coronavirus began – such as quarantine, lockdown, hand-washing, mask-wearing, social distancing andContinue reading “Exposing the Occult Corona-Initiation Ritual”

I Am NOT Ashamed – Actually I’m Proud of It!!

I was doing a little shopping at a local store this morning. Of course they have the sign up about the cdc recommends wearing face masks as a sign of your surrender to the commie fucks among us – I do not take the advice of a government entity whose very existence is in directContinue reading “I Am NOT Ashamed – Actually I’m Proud of It!!”

Let’s Look at the Uncropped Photo – Shall We ??

Lamestream media ?? How about we properly label them – commie fuck co-conspirators is probably a little mild – but it’s getting close – satanical fucks will do in a pinch I guess – you get the idea . . . The above photo is from the German commie party’s headquarters in the 1920’s –Continue reading “Let’s Look at the Uncropped Photo – Shall We ??”