If the Rittenhouse Trial Made You Angry, What’s Happening Now Should Infuriate You

From the thebluestateconservative.com by Jackson P. Chamberlain . . .

“I’d ask you to pardon the following rant, but the fact is it’s time to stop pussyfooting around. Some things just need to be said, period.

We aren’t looking at a political divide in America. We aren’t witnessing a “lack of empathy”, or “racial tensions”, or “identity politics”, or any of the other tired, sorry nonsense constantly offered up to explain the idiocy we see all around us these days. I’ll even go so far as to say we aren’t witnessing agitation purposefully sown by the “elites” to “divide and conquer” (though it certainly started out that way).

What we are seeing, plainly put, is whole-cloth insanity. I’m not using that word figuratively; I mean one hundred percent, bona-fide, men in white coats with butterfly nets, and it’s now clearly affected such a huge percentage of the world population that there is no coming back from it. These people are legit crazy, and the level of nutso is reaching fava beans and nice Chianti proportions.

You saw the same trial I did, not that anyone needed to see the whole trial because any fifteen minute portion of it was more than sufficient to prove that Kyle Rittenhouse was a victim and the scumbags he offed deserved every part of what they got. Did you know that the jury wasn’t informed about any of their criminal past? 

The prosecution chose not to bring it up, which precluded the defense from doing so (exactly as it should be). Yet without even knowing how much the Rittenhouse attackers were similar in pillar-of-the-community status with, say, George Floyd and Jacob Blake, they STILL found in favor of the defendant (ALSO exactly as it should be).”

Go here to finish reading the article – the comments section is worth the trip . . .

The powers that be want to strip you of YOUR ability to defend yourself and YOUR loved ones from the demons they have unleashed to destroy YOU and yours . . .

Simply put – if they can’t control it – they intent is to destroy it . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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