Out of the Closet – 10-6 Update

There are times that I get so far behind with this blog stuff – I almost have to speed up to stop. Getting this update posted this late is not completely my fault.


Several people asked about this little scruffy Smith that you first saw here. Poor little darling . . .


Rough – Tough Shape – but it shot so well. Took a while to get a “deal” put together that satisfied everybody – then the cerakote job took way longer than was anticipated ( the guy got busy as can be – as a capitalist I can appreciate that! ) – and then get it in my schedule to go and shoot it – and here we are 18 months down the road from start to finish.

I believe the end result was well worth the wait!!


The matte black came out better then I was hoping for . . .


You really have to look hard to find any faults with the finish . . .


Reused the grips that came with it – scrubbed them with a nylon brush and Hoppes – then really hot water – nylon brush – and dish soap – now I’ll have to look around and find another “back burner” project – LOL!!


10 yards – 158 grain RNP ( round nose plated ) standard pressure – double action – finally settled down on the last round out of the first cylinder – the next 6 laid right in – Sweet old Model 10 – nothing else quite like them. Originally published on thebrucesite October 18, 2019

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and never forget – Fish Heads are Cheap!

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