The original episode of “The Flamingo Chronicles” including the never before seen opening panel


It started as any other day – morning formation – assignments – and George forgot the beer.


And then .  . . Intruder Alert – Intruder Alert. Don’t worry everyone, we have him cornered!


My God he’s quick!


Look at him go – we’ll never catch up – sound the alarm and call out the reserves!


That yard gnome will NEVER get away from all of us!


He’s heading into the lily garden – surround him and we’ll have him trapped.


My god he’s vanished – does anybody have a visual on the gnome?


What an incredible leap – after him – AFTER HIM !!!


Nooooooo!!! He’s on the concrete – we’re screwed now . . .


Look at him go !


He’s heading into the front yard, we still have a chance if we can catch him on the grass.


Come on fellas – let’s go.


Trapped !! we’ve got him now !


Watch out ! – he’s jumped over to the lawn – arrrrrrgh – more concrete


Epilogue – he’s here – but which one? – I don’t know – gnomes all look the same to me – what are we going to do?? I know – let’s go watch a Miami Vice episode !! I’m in – me too – let’s go – I’ll make popcorn ! Alright . . .

Thus ends another day in the life of a group of pink plastic flamingos – this was last years episode – enjoy . . . originally published on thebrucesite March 28, 2016

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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