Brownells is Great

I mentioned in my 642-2 post I was thinking about ordering a spring set for it. (the 642) Well I did and  –  wow – here it is !!


Just that quick – will swap out Thursday and then grab a box of carry ammo and give it a try – actually have time today but I don’t want to cut into my nap time . . . . I need my beauty sleep – heh heh

Not going to do a whole bunch of how to do picture things with the swap – not when I can drop this link to Mr guns and gear – great video showing the swap process!!

He does a real good job explaining it and you get a video to watch – and if you haven’t run across him before – by all means check out his channel  – real good stuff!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun!! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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