Range & Change Time

In my Sig 1911 post I pointed out the major difference between the Sig and RIA 1911’s was the recoil spring – – –


and a small weight difference – 2.6 oz more total weight for the Sig. The weight difference was not enough ( in my thinking ) to explain the “feel” between the two.

So I ordered this . . .


A flat wound recoil spring – one piece GI style guide rod – recoil buffer – which I didn’t use. Burned a hundred rounds of Winchester White Box – 230 grain Hardball – Other than literally point shooting – I focused everything on recoil impulse differences between the two pistols.

Two mags through the Sig

Then three through the Rock Island – then changed the recoil spring and guide rod in the RIA.


Shot the remaining rounds through the RIA ( two five round runs through the Sig )


Quite a noticeable difference in recoil impulse for the RIA – except for the hardware differences – memory bump on the Sig grip safety and the differences in the grips – close enough I can’t tell the difference!!


I would not have imagined a flat wound recoil spring would do that – the recoil was not bad on the RIA – it was “different” – now they are virtually the same.

And yes I did hang targets because folks look at you really strange if you just dump a hundred rounds down range at nothing – LOL  – dumped the last four rounds out as fast as I could run them – all targets were @ 10 yards..


An attempt at a 3 and 1 – maybe I should grab about 5000 rounds and go hide out in the woods and get that point shooting edge back again ! – LMAO – point shooting is a whole different game and lot faster than anything else out there ( think cowboy action quick draw – point shooting at its best!! ) – but – it takes a bunch more practice to get to an acceptable level of accuracy and then you have to really bust your ass to stay proficient – I just don’t have the time to shoot 4 to 6 to 10 thousand rounds to get there and then a 1000 – or more – rounds a week to stay there – Oh Well . . .

Gonna be adding more picture pages over the next week or so to the USS Alabama post so keep checking back – and more “stuff” besides coming up . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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