Recoil Gunworks – or “A Tale of Two Glocks”

Found myself in the market for a second Glock 21 – more on that in a bit.

Not that I am behind on “stuff” – but I bought this back in June and am just now getting this post put together – LOL .

Looking around and found a deal on good to very good rated Glock 21 police trade ins on – I believe they were on sale for $379 according to – could not find the “deal” listed on recoil’s web site – so I gave them a call and was told all they had left at the time were Glock 21 trade ins listed as “good” condition and they would sell me one @ $359 – and if I recall they would throw in the shipping – and if I was not completely satisfied – send it back.

The left side of the pistol – slight finish wear on the slide release and one scuff towards the rear of the slide.


The right side – scuff near the rear of the slide and a little scratch at the bottom of the grip and just a little tiny bit of finish wear on the forward part of the slide.


Very nice condition inside as well . . .


Remember folks – the bottom line on used firearms – “Condition is King” – and Recoil Gun Works swatted this one out of the park!!

Simply delighted with the condition and shoot-ability of this Glock – real nice!!

I try to buy used locally  ( ask Doug @ GGGPawn!!) as much as possible – not that a vendor would hedge on the condition of a used item but . . . – new is new – if an item is available through the internet and a substantial savings can be realized – buy it but don’t forget about shipping and transfer fees !! – the internet can save you money – but used – I try to buy after seeing – touching – handling etc.

Overall a great deal on a police trade in Glock 21 from – Highly recommend them and if I am looking for something used and can’t find it locally – would not hesitate to order from them again!!

So Bruce – what are you talking about – “A Tale of Two Glocks ” ???

Well . . .

I did this to my Gen 2 Glock 21 – and all I can say is what a rush!!

Yep – converted it to 460 Rowland – drops you right in the middle of 44 Magnum performance levels with 13 plus 1 capacity – Bambi beware!!


The compensator combined with a steel guide rod and a 22 pound recoil spring makes the recoil manageable – believe it or not !! There is however quite a bit of muzzle blast !!

The compensator is threaded on the barrel – with loctite – then the set screw goes in against a flat milled on the bottom of the barrel – again with loctite – so it is sorta semi-permanent – so I kinda had to buy a second Glock 21 – I mean they are a great platform for the 45 acp as well as I have a second conversion barrel to run in it as well.

Not going to bury you in a pile of stats but I will link to this  from Mrgunsandgear – Enjoy!!


Makes cleaning a little tedious but it sure is fun getting it dirty


Here is a couple of Underwood Ammo’s offerings in 460 – Let’s put this in perspective – 45 acp sends a 230 grain bullet down range at about 800 feet per second – 460 at about 1400 feet per second – OH MY !!


At this point it is a single shot – the slide cycles so fast that the stock magazine spring cannot push the next round up so the lug on the underside of the slide can strip it!! Just WOW. Gotta grab an extra length/strength  magazine spring – had ought to be real fun riding the recoil and trigger reset with this beastie – HEH HEH

Had to pick up a second Glock 21 so I could run the barrel on the right in it – really don’t want to strip down the 460 every time I want to run my 40 Super.

Glock 20 ( 10 mm ) is real impressive especially when running full power ammo – 10 mm is a significant level of performance over 40 S&W – even plus P ammo!

40 Super ( 10 mm is 40 caliber is 10 mm ) is an OMG level of performance over 10 mm!!


All the stuff


You need a Glock 21 – Barrel and guide rod with a 24 pound recoil spring – makes racking the slide interesting !!

You can pick the conversion up from Lone Wolf Distributing – those folks are great!!


The 40 Super is based on the 45 Winchester Magnum case – the webbing at the base of the case is thicker than a 45 acp case – 45 acp case rupture occurs at 40 Super pressures – NOT a good thing – especially if you are holding on to the pistol – it is a VERY energetic reaction – the end result is usually large pieces of pistol departing from the immediate area at high velocities – commonly called a “Kaboom”

The 40 Super gives a whole new meaning to “recoil impulse” – I don’t understand – I can’t con – I mean talk anybody else into shooting it !!  LMAO !!

Lone Wolf has a 9X18 conversion barrel available for the little Glock 42 – Hmmm . . .

More “stuff” on the way . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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