Tokyo Rose


The Smith and Wesson 36-1

The 36-1 was originally built for the Tokyo Police Department and really embraced a strange twist in Smith’s dash numbers denoting an engineering change as opposed to denoting a model number. (Smith as a whole REALLY wrapped their arms around the collective journey through the looking glass!!)

Prior to 1956 – 1957 Smith named their guns – chiefs special – victory model (M&P model 10’s) produced for war contracts ,etc. Variations could be ordered of different models but the names remained. When Smith went to model numbers things got a little “strange” .

For an example – model 10-3 vs 10-4 – Exact same gun as a base model (blued k frame – 4 inch taper barrel – fixed sights – 10-4 comes with a narrower ribbed trigger – but can be ordered with the “older” trigger. (And don’t quote me on that as I am NOT 100% sure that was one of the dash 3 to dash 4 changes – the twisting and turning is totally fascinating to me but really does not have a broad appeal ) Sometimes the change was strictly internal – sometimes not. Can be ordered with a 2″ – 3″ – 4″ – 5″ – 6″ barrel – nickel plated – blued – later model changes included round butt or the original square butt – I could do this for a really long time and really just bore the crap right out of you , but I won’t.


This pic gives you an idea of square vs round butt – the round butt tends to conceal easier than the square butt – kinda like small vs BIG BUTT ( I could not resist that !! ) However in a firearm of this size both are easy to conceal.


Looking at the size differences here – even with a set of Herrett’s you really don’t add much to the profile and the 36-1 is very concealable. Herrett’s Stocks are not a cheap date by any stretch of the imagination but are REALLY nice and add to the control-ability during recoil and follow up shots.

Of course this wouldn’t right without a couple of glamour shots…..


Love those Herrett”s


This pic gives you an idea of “relative” size -Glock 17 on top – 36-1 middle – 642 bottom.

The 36-1 is quite interesting to handle and shoot – the small frame with the 3 inch heavy barrel balances and points so fine. Sadly the hay day of the Model 36 is gone – however the Model 36 is still available in new manufacture.  Not in the many “versions” it was once available in – but still being made. Smith and Wesson responded to consumer demand and started a line of revolvers named “Classics” – click through and click on the dialog box and click on classics – like a porn page for us older wheel gun aficionados – LOL.


Loaded up and a pair of speedloaders in your pocket or or pouch – Hell Yes !!!

15 rounds of 158 grain semi wadcutter plus p gas check hollow points – ready to go!!

BUT -BUT – BUT plus p ammo in an old revolver ?????????? OMG OMG …. Really folks – any Smith revolver with a model number stamped on it – in good condition – can handle plus p ammo – personally I do not shoot a steady diet of it through any revolver but I finish range time with a few ( 10 to 15 ) rounds of carry ammo just to acclimatize to recoil – point of aim – muzzle blast etc.

And there will be a shooting review of this coming up – maybe I can talk Jacques into shooting a few rounds just to show how incredibly accurate the little rascal is!

Have a bunch of stuff coming – remember fish heads are cheap – and folks run the gun!

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