Friday Night Music

First we step into the way back machine . . . Thank You Mr. Peabody!

And then Procul Harum from 2006 . . .

As covered by Annie Lennox . . . this is really different . . . and I think I will go there – the video is plain strange – decent cover but damn girl . . .

My personal favorite – A cover by Black Label Society . . .

This is just too much fun to pass up – the Peanuts Gang singing “Freebird” by: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Just calm down – Summer will be here again before you realize it . . .

I have been waiting patiently to use this . . .


Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come on Eileen . . . LMAO!!

Nena wanted to have a foreign language #1 song in the US – and the same song at #1 in English in her native country – in her case Germany – and she damn near made it – that has only been done one time – does anybody remember the song??

Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakamoto – #1 in the US in Japanese – #1 in Japan in English!

Last but not least – these poor fuckers couldn’t buy airplay in the US – not that THAT would EVER happen – LOL – just search ” radio play for pay” and or “payola” . . .

The boys were going to break up the band – just could not make it – they got a call – Hey there is a big concert in Budokan ( Japan ) and the producers think you would be a good fit as a “filler” band – AND you can make a few bucks – kinda of a “go out with a party” thing – they were convinced to go – the Japanese went ape shit nuts over them – every piece of vinyl that they had sitting here in the US was shipped (pre-sold ) to Japan and the supply did not keep up to demand for the better part of a year – which got them “noticed” over here – they started getting airplay and the rest is history . . .

All Y’all have a great weekend – more “stuff” on the way!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Head soup is normal restaurant fare in Japan!!

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