Wilson Combat spring set and Delta grips – Great Combo !!

Just a quick update on the upgrades to the 642-2 , the Delta grips made a difference and with the Wilson Combat spring set – WOW!


5 rounds – five seconds – fifteen feet  –  two double taps and a single ( it’s only a five shot- heh heh ) . With the 642-2 in an  out of the box configuration  (factory grips and spring set) and firing 158 grain +P ammo, it was very difficult to keep all the rounds in the 9 ring. Well worth the effort involved to do the upgrades.


25 rounds fired – no light primer strikes – good consistency overall

The spring set lowered the trigger pull from approximately 12.5 lbs to about 9.3 lbs. The issue becomes light primer strikes – you have to whack them hard enough to light them off. Added bonus is the trigger seems smoother – that I believe is a matter of subjectivity – the trigger pull is lighter and your mind is telling that it is smoother as well – don’t know about that but it sure works!!

Speaking of primers . . .



Always check your carry ammo visually as well as running a finger over the primers – if any round looks different or feels different – throw it in the range box. If any primers are not seated right – ignition may be an issue. There is no louder noise than a firearm that goes click when it should go bang.

Over All Length  – Over all length affects revolver ammo to a lesser degree than ammo used in a semi -auto – that being said I do take a caliper and randomly check ( 5 or 10 round out of a box of fifty) carry ammo  – although name brand ammo tends to be very consistent – revolvers the issue is if it is too long the cylinder may not turn or the bullets not being “seated” correctly will walk out of the cartridge from recoil and too short does some really bad things with pressure spikes.

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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