Stumbled across this . . .


Western Field ????? WTF is a Western Field ???


Western Field was Montgomery Wards “house” brand of guns and ammo and stuff . . .

Wards used to carry a good line of stuff as did Sears – I remember the tubs full of 8mm Mauser and Springfield 03’s and Enfields – What in the hell have we allowed the communists to do to us???

Where offal such as this would be introduced into congress and the enslavement going on in Virginia – California and other communist enclaves would even be considered and the oxygen thieves that signed onto it would be convicted of sedition and or felony conspiracy to commit ?????? Ace is the Place for the helpful hardware man . . .

Just Fucking Wow . . .

Rant mode off

Have Fun – Run the Gun – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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