You Won’t Believe This – Hell I Don’t Believe “IT” and I Was There !!! . . .

I dearly enjoy going into pawn shops – you just never know what you will run across – one of my favorites is GGGPawn on South 132nd St in Omaha – Doug has just a dry enough sense of humor that I can appreciate it – sometimes it borders on the sublime. Bought many pairs of old pattern pliers in good shape from him – I have probably bought 20 or 30 pairs from him and have given away half or more of them – just can’t stand to see somebody struggling with a pair of “new” pliers – they hurt your hand – lousy ergonomics and the metal is so crummy you can feel them flex – just waiting to break.

So my blushing bride and I were out shopping – groceries, guns, and ammo – you know the essentials – and we stopped by to see what Doug had – Bill was working as well and had a really clean XDM in 40cal – the complete big range kit – box – extra grips – 5 magazines – the pistol had a laser installed and Trijicon night sights – upgraded metal guide rod / spring – Really sweet – the price was right and besides – I didn’t have one – so why not?

Doug and Miss Miserable were shooting the breeze – Doug is like – Oh Yeah , Bruce has bought several from me – we were trying to figure out how many – we lost count – Doug says wait a minute – I want to show you guys “this” – he went back and dug two out of the safe . . .

A four inch Python and a six inch Python . . .

The bluing on the 4 inch is as good as can be – immaculate – old school Colt – the bluing on the 6 inch is unbelievable – make the 4 inch look like a Rossi – you can almost go swimming in it – absolutely outstanding!!

Come on Bruce – who gives a flying monkey about an older Colt with good bluing – They all had good bluing “back in the day” !!! Get out of here – your yanking on me – you realize I will never get the precious minutes of my life back that I have spent reading about the bluing on some old Colt??? – an old revolver to boot – Get out of here!!

Then he showed me the caliber roll marking . . .

Colt NEVER produced a Python in 41 Magnum – they did not make them – they do not exist – Period. End. of. Story.

Before we go onGO HERE to a PDF of The American Handgunner from Jan/Feb 1977

Read the article – Colt considered making the Python in 41 magnum – but thought it would never be a “success” as a handgun/cartridge combination – so they didn’t make it – however – they admit to making “several” prototypes of it in the article – and Doug has not one – but two of them – and yes they are for sale – somewhere north of 65,000 to 75,000 per gun ( and I imagine it is VERY far north!! ) – and maybe a little break if you buy both – this is not The Holy Grail of the gun world – it’s a friggin UFO . . .

Forgot to add Doug’s Gun Broker page link – HERE IT IS . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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