New Pachmayr Grips for The S&W 36-1 Square Butt

I really like the Herrett’s grips – yes I know – “stocks” – OK??? – that were on the S&W 36-1 – good looking – but not really practical . . .

I finally found a set of Pachmayr’s for the little darling – I needed grips for a square butt not a round butt – they finally came back in stock – I ordered a set and here we are – and again nothing against the Herrett’s but they just don’t fit me as good as the Pachmayr’s and the little dear is still being used regularly as a “working” revolver – I really don’t want to scratch up a set of grips that are vintage – and worth more than the revolver . . .

Hanging out with it’s big brother – J Fame on top – K Frame on the bottom , , ,

The Herrett’s are good lookers . . .

But practicality wins out as the little darling is still pulling it’s weight – no hanging out in the vault drinking beer – playing poker – and smoking cigars for a living . . . All y’all think I can’t smell the cigar smoke – really?? And I do notice the beer missing – and if you would pay more attention y’all would realize the 380’s are table talking / bottom of the deck dealing cheaters – I will never again set in on a game with them – but what do I know? – just saying . . .

Have Fun – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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