From LEO Combat : Hammer Shrouds for the 637 J Frame

When I received my TRIPLE-O Knife from Bob at LEO COMBAT ( my review of the TRIPLE-O knife is here ) he threw in a package of these – a neat idea to “snag proof” the hammer on a S&W 637 – the S&W 637 is great as it is a true DA/SA revolver – you can simply pull the trigger and it will perform a “double” action – rotate the cylinder AND bring the hammer back to sear break thus firing the revolver – as well as being able to bring the hammer back manually – rotating the cylinder and bringing to hammer back to rear lock – then pulling the trigger gives you a “single” action – hammer drop/firing the revolver . . .

The S&W 637 is capable of quite decent single action accuracy – however the hammer snagging on clothing or body parts while attempting to extricate from your pocket / under pants / or wherever you might stash it limits it being used by a lot of folks – they simply buy and carry a S&W 642 ( internal hammer ) and don’t worry about hammer snag . . .

How to test drive this?? I dug out the S&W 637 and a pocket holster for it – loaded it – slipped the shroud on it – and put it in my pocket . . . I tried dry firing it multiple times and it “pops” right off of the hammer just like in the video – so I will carry it in my pocket for a couple of weeks and see if it comes off in normal use – I will not do any pics – What ?? Stick my bore scope down my pocket ??

Been in my pocket all day and hasn’t come off yet – ( and yes I have my S&W 642 in my other pocket ) so I will get back to you folks in a week or so and let you know how it works . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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