Hammer Shroud from LEO COMBAT Review/ Test Drive / Evaluation Results

I had bought a TRIPLE-O Knife from LEO COMBAT to try – LOVE IT!! – (review here ) and Bob tossed in a pack of hammer shrouds for the S&W 637 to try – so I dug out the 637 and put one on it and stuck it in a pocket holster – dropped it in my pocket and started carrying it . . .

You can check out the initial post on the hammer shrouds HERE . .

And ready to go into the holster and then into my pocket for the rigorous testing phase!

Now I admit that trying all this stuff out is difficult and demanding – I truly strive to give the best opinions on “stuff” – but sometimes it is tough – NOT this time – I put the hammer shroud on it – in the holster – in my pocket – carried it just like I would a 642 . . .

And here we are – it’s still on the 637 – still in my pocket – still doing the job – Cool Stuff!

Let’s jump right on it – shall we??

. . . absolute dead simple solution – totally transparent/you don’t even notice it – stays put – allows pocket carry of the S&W 637 WITHOUT being concerned about drawing it out of your pocket – no trying to position your thumb over the hammer to prevent snags – no need to remove or manipulate the shroud prior to firing – it stays in place but comes off with trigger pull . . .

Folks – if you have a 637 and wish to pocket carry without the “hammer hassle” go to LEOCOMBAT.COM – scroll down and watch the video – these shrouds work and work well – an elegantly simple solution that “fixes” the hammer snag issue with a 637 . . .

Simply put – If you own a S&w 637 – and pocket carry it / or want to – why don’t you own a hammer shroud from LEOCOMBAT.COM ??

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