The Most Important Thing You Should STOP Doing After Buying Your 1st Gun

The only disagreement I have with Colion and a whole bunch of other “gun rights folks” is when he references “2nd Amendment Rights” – Fuck Me Running – Folks , the constitution grants you NO rights – Whether you believe in God or not – YOUR rights come from God the Creator and the constitution is in place to PREVENT satanical commie fucks from interfering with YOUR God the Creator given rights – the founding fathers gave us the framework of the constitution as an early warning system -if a worthless fuck or politician ( but I repeat myself ) even proposes a law that looks like it MAY infringe on your God the Creator given rights – err on the side of rope – the next batch of politicians will be more careful ( at least that’s what I have been told by others ) – when some stupid fuck in the neighborhood says there ought to be a law – or the deadly phrase “I think government should” – remember ACE is the Place for the helpful hardware man – but no – we allowed unlimited pussification of our society to the point of running scared from a ( very ) minor illness with a current mortality rate of .000245% – an amazing bit of programing that has been achieved in just a few generations . . .

But Bruce – the hospitals are almost full – Fucking Morons – they certainly are – there is a 7 month backlog of doing “business” and in some locality’s even more – the hospitals have been sitting almost empty – yet the utility bills are still coming in – the payroll still has to be met – the buildings still maintained – there is one local hospital group that has been teetering on the edge of closure for over 2 months – they have been running with almost zero cash left in hand on a weekly basis – ZERO – so yes they are near full capacity – doing the business they were set up to do – BUT the ICU’s are almost FULL – yes they are because they are taking overflow from the surgical recovery suites – imagine having operable lung cancer and waiting 5 or 6 or 7 months ( with the hospital sitting EMPTY ) knowing that YOUR cancer is GOING to advance from operable to you are a dead bitch – and getting into the hospital for treatment is not allowed – almost like you are in Canada or the U.K. – we must prepare for the dempanic victims – meanwhile back at the ranch both you and the hospital are slowly dying . . .

So yes – the hospitals are almost full simply because the commie fucks in most places have decided to allow their property ( that’s YOU folks ) access to healthcare again . . .

Anyway I’m done for the moment – Enjoy the video!!

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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