Can’t Decide? Buy them Both – It’s that Simple – Almost . . .

Firearms ARE starting to come back in inventory – BUT – they move real quick – Don’t Hesitate! – Pull the trigger on that sale ( ouch – that’s terrible Bruce – I admit that’s not top drawer material )

One of the online retailers out there that have managed to keep weapons in stock and have GOOD prices and GREAT sale prices still is KENTUCKY GUN COMPANY < CLICK ON THE TEXT > . Go check them out – they have actually managed to keep stock available – may not be the exact model you want – but I want the two tone etc. – Kentucky Gun Company is actually running some good sale priced items – which brings us to this post . . .

In the process of digging out the SAR B6P to run it against the CZ75B I had to move “stuff” around – one of the firearms I moved was the AREX REX ZERO 1 CP – of course I had to fondle it and the only way I got it to be quiet was to promise to take it to the range some time in the near future – at least it didn’t start whining – I hate it when they do that!

So I shot the B6P the other day and got to thinking about their striker fired pistol they marketed not too long ago – the SAR9 . . .

Image from Kentucky Gun Company

I thought to myself that B6P is great – maybe I should grab a SAR9 – GO HERE TO SEE IT – I mean 319.00 – why not?? But then I thought why not grab one of the AREX Delta pistols as well – (on sale for 389.00 ) and run them both side by side – it was getting late Friday night – past my bed time – I do need my beauty sleep after all – so I will worry about it this morning, Saturday – and just grab both . . . AREX Delta below . . .

Image from Kentucky Gun Company

And you can GO HERE TO SEE THE AREX DELTA – pretty cool stuff as well . . .

Long story short – when I went to order the SAR9 it was already sold out – so I grabbed the AREX Delta – My Blushing Bride said get over it – when the SAR comes back in stock grab one at that point – You can go to YouTube and see a bunch of reviews on both – the interesting part is that there is simply not much negative out there on either one . . . When I get the AREX in I’ll get a review posted for you . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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