What are these “Constitutional Rights” You Speak Of??

Warning : I am not responsible for any butt hurt or emotional trauma that results from several of you reading this post – you have been warned . . .

I really don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of the origins of communism – it has been growing and metastasizing for better than a century. I read this comment on a post on Shooters Forum – and not to pick on any individual I will link to the forum but not the post.

An excerpt from the comment – Emphasis is mine . . .

“Having personally utilized firearms my entire life in a safe, responsible, and ethical manner, I have become weary of the gun control agenda and the radical left. Firearms ownership by good citizens is what separates us from the rest of the world. Today, I continue to provide training and skills to others in the right of self-defense and efficient, safe gun handling. To be quite blunt, I have no intention of ever complying with arrogant and useless legislation that impedes my constitutional right to keep and bear arms and bogs down our legal system. So, what did our founding fathers have to say on the topic of a free people and gun ownership?”

I sincerely hope to help you understand just one simple thing – YOU have NO constitutional rights. Your rights come from God the Creator and the constitution is in place to STOP government from interfering with these God the Creator given rights. Full. Stop. END. OF. STORY.

The insidious programming that everyone has been subjected to for decades is that the constitution – a piece of paper – somehow magically “gives” you your rights – Folks, it’s a piece of paper. Your rights come from God the Creator – NOT a piece of paper. . .

And the simple fact that protection orders do not protect you from a criminal bent on harming you or killing you doesn’t work – by their very nature a criminal IS a criminal because they do not follow the law written on a piece of paper should be a clue.

“The Law of the Land” – the constitution only restricts or restrains an honest politician – it does NOTHING to restrain the criminal politician. Let me put this another way – ALL LAWS – city / county / parish / state / federal that exceed the “limits” placed on ANY government entity by the constitution is null and void. BUT BUT we must have laws – You can’t yell FIRE in a crowded theater!! What if the theater is on fire?? If it isn’t then you should be charged with a breach of piece – if someone is injured or killed in the exiting of said theater – then the person yelling FIRE is responsible for the consequences of THEIR actions . . .

Are we in Prussia? Are we in kindergarten? Then why are you, and you, and yes, even YOU being held responsible for the actions of someone else?? Spoiler – you are only responsible for you and yours – no others actions are your responsibility . . .

Let’s just get to the bottom line – YOU are being subjected to 4 plus years of one of the most intensive and coordinated psy-ops ever attempted on a populace. Government and media at every level is committing active treason against We The People – you have an apparently incoming administration that has publicly stated that they are going to ruin your life – they are going to attempt to disarm you – restrict your movements – destroy your lively hood – are going to force you to fund world wide terrorism – about that – why are there so many politicians upset with the current administration? Because the money that was being sent back here by the Saudi’s that the thieves were lining their pockets with dried up – stopping domestic oil production has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with politicians lining their pockets with your money. And I’m not even talking about the money that they take at the point of a gun – not going there today – but the money that you spend to put gas in your car that is heading to Saudi Arabia and then funds terrorism and the thieving politicians in this country.

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary – Well let me just say I think folks are starting to realize just exactly what is necessary . . .

This rant could go on for literally years – I may give you another glimpse later . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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