Modern Supermarkets

Any store you go in across this fruited plain – the food is plentiful – the selection is mind boggling – it’s edible – safe – fresh – food “poisoning” from a supermarket is as rare as someone getting killed with an AR pattern rifle – so rare that it’s national news when it happens – the last known case of pork trichinosis was in 1956 – if I remember correctly . . . What were we talking about again??

That’s it – Supermarkets – the average “big” supermarket has 75,000 plus different items – but again – what’s it all dependent on? . . . that’s right – OIL and ENERGY – if it were dependent on “green” wind and solar about 90% percent of us would starve to death – remember – during the “cold war” we “sold” millions and millions of tons of wheat to Russia ( and never got paid for any of it ) and still had plenty

” . . . when a government feeds part of the people, it prepares all of the people to be slaves. The next step is to regulate labor and its wages . . .” – and for bonus points where did that quote come from?

The envy of the entire planet – Isn’t it amazing what capitalism can achieve?

What did socialists use before tallow candles? Electricity . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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