Klaxon Klaxon Klaxon – Griffiss Air Force Base

A 14 plane MITO for you wingnuts out there – 9 BUFFS and 5 KC-135‘s – gotta bring the gas station with you – you sure don’t want to walk to your recovery base through a country that you just nuked the crap out of – anybody left probably wouldn’t be very happy or friendly . . .

Bonus points for you if you know who Griffiss was named after – if not – GO HERE to WIKI . . .

From 1985 – SAC Global Shield Exercise – Enjoy!!

Crank the volume up and Enjoy!! – If the wife don’t like the Sound of Freedom – she might just be a communist – A Rooskie Commie Spy!!

And of course all y’all knew where this was gonna go – right? Anyway – later that day in the cockpit of one of those BUFF’S . . .

I just couldn’t resist – most of you folks understand that I can resist anything but temptation – LMOA! – And if you have never watched Dr Strangelove – you really should before it’s “cancelled” . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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