Case Sod Buster “Halloween Special”

I am an absolute slut for “commemorative” knifes – I freely admit it – they don’t even have to be particularly collectible or valuable – it just happens to be something I like . . .

I did a total room move on my work / photo / gun cleaning / general make a mess area – I went from just almost not enough lighting to almost too much – I’m getting closer on the lighting . . .

Ohhh – A Case!

Bruce – Quit teasing! – I waited like 4 weeks for these to get in stock – so humor me a little bit here – ok?

Just about didn’t get here for Halloween – but worth the wait!

Loving the “pumpkin” orange – The printing is nice and crisp . . .

The sod buster junior knives are not large knives by any stretch . . .

Typical Case – no flaws – good color – brass liners / rivets – Tru-Sharp Surgical Stainless blade . . .

Neat stuff – they are still in stock – so get over to SMKW.COM and get one on the way today!

Tucks right in with the other sod busters . . .

What’s in YOUR pocket??

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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