Rough Ryder Black & Blue Lady Leg

Ordered 3 knives from SMKW.COM and I tagged this onto the order – I am really digging the Black & Blue series from Rough Ryder – and I am enamored with “Lady Leg” knives so . . .

So let’s have a look at The Lady Leg Black & Blue RR2122 from SMKW.COM

Talk about a little sweetheart – this just as cute as cute can be . . .

The dye on this is a little lighter than on my other Black & Blue’s – you will see that in the last pic – this particular one for fit and finish? – it is hard to believe it is a $10 dollar knife – it is just overall great – nothing jumps ( or even creeps! ) out at you . . .

And the flip side . . .

For whatever reason they do not stamp Rough Ryder on the shield on these – who knows?

Nickel silver bolster – shield – and “shoe” – brass liners – 440 stainless blade, nice and sharp right out of the box . . .

Now you see what I was referencing about the dye being a wee bit lighter on the Lady Leg as compared to the other two . . .

Now I have to decide do I add a random Lady Leg to each order . . . or add another Black & Blue series to the order???


That was an easy decision – LMAO!!

What’s in YOUR pocket?

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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