Mail Call . . .

Sometimes stuff besides Curtis toys and bills show up – got 6 more Glock 19 compatible mags from Gun Mag Warehouse – Oh Boy!

Loaded them up – plus the two I already had and loaded the mags up for the Arex Gen2 – and headed for the range.

Really wanted to try the sight paint job on the Frankengun and just run it some more – and get a little more optics time with the Arex . . .

Ran 120 rounds through the Frankengun – still getting a feel for it – if the slightly left thing doesn’t cure itself through becoming more familiar with the grip – may have to drift the rear sight a smidge . . .

Ran 64 rounds through the Arex – There’s a learning curve with the optic – I have to stop trying to “focus” on the green reticle and simply put it between my eye and the target and pull the trigger – sounds easy – Right? Something about OLD dogs / new tricks comes to mind . . .

All run through the wash and ready for another range trip . . .

Got 2 ammo drops this week as well – different supplier and a whole different brand of ammo for one of the shipments – hopefully get a chance to shoot the new stuff next weekend – but it may be the following weekend – and some more stuff coming besides – that I am trying to get posts up on – some of the simplest things take more time than most folks believe – put groceries away?? – We have expert help!

Some days we may not get a lot done – but – we get it done in a hurry and have a blast doing it!!

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