Lyin’ Eyes . . .

It comes down to who you believe – PROVEN UNI-PARTY LIARS ( communists ) or YOUR lyin’ eyes . . .

Just for the record Chuck Fuck Schumer and Mitch Bitch McConnell – YOUR democracy is finally being threatened – we Americans who live in a constitutional republic – governed by the rule of law might just be getting tired of YOUR democracy mob rule – But – the question now becomes – Why is Tucker Carlson still breathing air? Is this being used to further intensify frustration levels on both sides of the equation? Honestly folks – if we kill each other off – then we save the government the problems and logistics issues of them doing the killing themselves – which incidentally – short of a CBRN attack – the numbers plainly tell you that ain’t happening – plus or minus 14 million men and women on the entire planet capable of bearing small arms against 100 million armed Americans – trade them 1 for 1 – every man and woman capable of bearing small arms against we the people are now dead – and you still have plus or minus 86 million now totally pissed Americans left.

That is not going to end well for the uni-party and their democracy mob rule . . .

There is only one way for the uni-party to win – Divide and Conquer – that’s the only way it happens – 100 million American gun owners can only be defeated through CBRN or by division – reality is a real bitch sometimes . . .

Let us “brush up” against a wee bit of paranoia – shall we? Would you know if the nukes dropping on YOU were Russian – Chinese – U.S. – or exactly who they belonged to – or exactly who ordered it??? That’s utterly ridiculous, Bruce!! – or would you know if a biological agent covid19 being released was natural – an accident – or intentional??

All Y’all have a good week . . .

Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

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