Big,Little, or in the Middle (let’s start a caliber war!) Part One

As the title says – Big, Little, or in the Middle – or let’s start a Caliber War!! – let’s talk a look at .22 rim fire – .25 acp – .32 acp – .32 naa – .38 spl – and 9 mm – and more!! A note before we get started – we areContinue reading “Big,Little, or in the Middle (let’s start a caliber war!) Part One”

Big Brothers – Big Sisters

My Glock 20 Joined Big Brothers – Big Sisters recently – Showed up with this little “sibling” – not being one to question 20’s motivation for being so giving of self for associating with any particular civic organization ( far be it from me to judge ! ) I will say that we will doContinue reading “Big Brothers – Big Sisters”

Rex Zero 1 CP – Revisited

Most of you remember this almost “ugly duckling from a prior post – well I shot it multiple times and every time more paint (not a factory coating ) would come off. I finally took it up to Jacques @ Inner 10 and had it cerakoted. I just couldn’t stand the splotchy paint job anyContinue reading “Rex Zero 1 CP – Revisited”

Out of the Closet – JC Higgins Model 31

The little darling was brought to me to try and figure out why it not do anything but dump the magazine when it was cocked and the bolt was released forward. It had not been looked at in over 10 years. When the rifle exhibited the full auto failure the owner put it up andContinue reading “Out of the Closet – JC Higgins Model 31”

My Favorite Shield – It’s the .40 ( but it’s not )

Here’s the little darling – cute ain’t she? Wait just a minute Bruce –  how many barrels did it come with?? What’s with the extra barrel? Well . . . The Shield in 40 S&W is my favorite when you swap a conversion barrel from these folks into it and now you have a ShieldContinue reading “My Favorite Shield – It’s the .40 ( but it’s not )”