Good Stuff Alert! – Shepard’s Pie

Always on the look out for “different” stuff to fix for a change of pace – I don’t remember who’s website I was on, but this cook book was advertised on it. I clicked through to Amazon looked at it and ordered it. Having a stash of cast iron cook ware – left overs fromContinue reading “Good Stuff Alert! – Shepard’s Pie”

Disabling an MRAP for less than $50?

This article is published for educational purposes only.  This article in no shape form or fashion condoning taking out of MRAPS. Don’t try this at home Washington, DC (TFC) – Police and military vehicles are stolen from time to time. Should a citizen be in a community where a military vehicle is stolen, it wouldContinue reading “Disabling an MRAP for less than $50?”

Dershowitz Accuses Pelosi of “Abuse of Power”

Appearing on Fox News, legal icon Alan Dershowitz who has both defended and been critical of President Trump in different scenarios is calling Pelosi’s holding of the articles of impeachment an “abuse of power.” Alan Dershowitz: There’s nothing in the Constitution about articles of impeachment. There’s nothing in the Constitution about forwarding. Full article onContinue reading “Dershowitz Accuses Pelosi of “Abuse of Power””

Good Stuff Alert – Shrimp Mac & Cheese

Stumbling In and around the internet – 2 1/2 – 3 hours later – no clue whatsoever it was I started looking for I ran across this site – Honest Food dot Net and this recipe for Shrimp Mac and Cheese – so I grabbed the stuff I needed – with one substitution I didContinue reading “Good Stuff Alert – Shrimp Mac & Cheese”