No Holds Barred Head to Head “Pub Knife” Competition

The sacrifices I make for all y’all – gonna have to drink beer – eat cheese / sausage / and crackers – but I’m willing to do it for you folks so we can decide which Kershaw “Pub Knife” is best. Basically two parts – #1 ( and MOST importantly! ) / How well theyContinue reading “No Holds Barred Head to Head “Pub Knife” Competition”

From Taylor Martin : 7 BEST EDC KNIVES UNDER $50

Pretty interesting video . . . Really good video – if you click through and watch on YouTube he has all the knives linked in the description – click and go straight to BladeHq to buy . . . What Taylor Martin gives you here is a look at a variety of EDC knives –Continue reading “From Taylor Martin : 7 BEST EDC KNIVES UNDER $50”

Kershaw Cinder – A Key Chain “Pub Knife”

Pub Knife? What the Hell is a “Pub Knife”? Simply put – think cheese / sausage slicer with a bottle opener – a true emergency response knife – LOL! Kershaw actually markets a knife called “Pub” – as well as one named “Shuffle” – but today we are looking the Cinder – so here weContinue reading “Kershaw Cinder – A Key Chain “Pub Knife””