Coal ( or Nuke ) Powered Truck VS Gas Powered Truck

What a TURD! – but it’s a ford – didn’t have anything to start with . . . Folks – it has NOTHING to do with aborting children to save the environment – or what ever the current commie lie is TODAY – it has everything about control – control your thoughts – movements –Continue reading “Coal ( or Nuke ) Powered Truck VS Gas Powered Truck”

YOU ARE in the Middle of a Shooting War! – YOU just won’t admit It!

And it damn sure AIN’T the money laundering “thing” known as Ukraine – folks it’s right here . . . There is one number that matters – as far as Federal elections go – every Sec. of State – of every state – must have the verified number of registered eligible voters when the pollsContinue reading “YOU ARE in the Middle of a Shooting War! – YOU just won’t admit It!”

biden = Fucking Schmuck

Fucking Pedocrats are why we can’t have nice things . . . But consider this – there are still four states where he has a favorable rating. President Joe Biden’s job approval rating is underwater in 46 states, including the typically dark blue California, according to the CIVIQS rolling job approval average. Biden is underwaterContinue reading “biden = Fucking Schmuck”

Big Country Ex Patriot has a POINT!

My Blushing Bride told me not long ago – “I always just poo pooed your crazy conspiracy trash you are always babbling about – but damn if we ain’t living it ( them ) right now today – even all that UFO stuff is NOW in the mainstream media! “ Folks – these Golems andContinue reading “Big Country Ex Patriot has a POINT!”

Free Harvey Weinstein – or – Jail Corporate America!

I cannot find ANYONE who can explain the difference between what Harvey Weinstein did and what corporate America is doing . . . BUT WAIT! – there is a difference – blackmail / coercion / extortion is a criminal act – Felony Conspiracy to commit takes it to a whole different level – Harvey didContinue reading “Free Harvey Weinstein – or – Jail Corporate America!”

Maybe We all Should Move to Montana

CLICK HERE to read about Montana House Bill 702 . . . Every place these commie fuck cock suckers attempting to control you say the word “unvacinated” substitute the word “Jew” – if that doesn’t scare the fuck out of you and make you realize whose speeches these fucks are plagiarizing – you might justContinue reading “Maybe We all Should Move to Montana”

Ace is The Place with the Helpful Hardware Man!

Or maybe even True Value Hardware . . . If we could just think this through – we might come up with a solution . . . What are we ever going to do with these commie fucks that have infiltrated our beautiful republic at all levels?? – asking for a friend The Constitution StateContinue reading “Ace is The Place with the Helpful Hardware Man!”