Robinson for President / 2024

Preach it Brother! – Time’s Up! Ladies and Gentlemen – Prepare to Defend Yourselves – The morning after the 7th Cavalry successfully repelled this attack by the democrat communist hordes – they fixed bayonets and charged the democrats communists and routed them . . . Can YOU ( OR YOU – OR EVEN YOU! )Continue reading “Robinson for President / 2024”

F. E. Warren AFB – Ready to Launch – Then and Now

A couple of vids – one from the beginning of the “missile” mission at Warren AFB . . . And one with a more current look . . . I’ve posted this one before – it gives you a different look at “Minuteman” . . . Check out the museum’s web site HERE – mightContinue reading “F. E. Warren AFB – Ready to Launch – Then and Now”

Got Tin Foil?? You’ll Need It after This . . .

Not even going into the multiple leveled “conspiracy” theories intentionally put out to cast doubt on other conspiracy theories and the propaganda put out by the world’s largest propaganda machine ( Hollywoodland ) to further muddy the water . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

The American Dreadnaught – from 1968

A little dated – but pretty good stuff . . . Nobody in their right mind – or even their left mind – wants to go toe to toe with a “battleship” with ANYTHING LESS THAN A BIG GUN SHIP – remember folks – they never traveled alone – they operated in what was calledContinue reading “The American Dreadnaught – from 1968”

And here’s another look at Carol Wayne

Here she is in one the roles she played on thee “Tonight Show” . . . And another “Tonight Show” appearance – she was on the show app. 100 times . . . Carol as an actual guest on the “Tonight Show” And one more Tonight Show” – it’s a quickie – so watch fastContinue reading “And here’s another look at Carol Wayne”

This Imagery has been used for 1000’s of years – It NEVER Ends Well . . .

This short video at the bottom is from Langley Outdoors Academy – I urge you to take the time to go check all their stuff out HERE . . . I will say this – he’s a LOT calmer explaining this than I am . . . One source of entertainment for me from theContinue reading “This Imagery has been used for 1000’s of years – It NEVER Ends Well . . .”