81 Years Ago Today – In May of 1941 – The War had just Begun . . .

From the movie – the initial engagement -the sinking of the Hood – and damage to The Prince of Wales . . . A compilation of clips from the movie – sort of a “Cliff Notes” version of the movie . . . The final battle scene from the movie – the reality – nothingContinue reading “81 Years Ago Today – In May of 1941 – The War had just Begun . . .”

biden = Fucking Schmuck

Fucking Pedocrats are why we can’t have nice things . . . But consider this – there are still four states where he has a favorable rating. President Joe Biden’s job approval rating is underwater in 46 states, including the typically dark blue California, according to the CIVIQS rolling job approval average. Biden is underwaterContinue reading “biden = Fucking Schmuck”

ERPO – The Commies ARE Coming . . .

In order to get to you – they MUST disarm YOU – and since YOU are a member of the most dangerous political movement in the history of this country – this is true stuff – The Animated Corpse of the Regime of the Glorious and Harmonious P&PBUH (Plus 10%) Orifice of The (p)Resident, TheContinue reading “ERPO – The Commies ARE Coming . . .”


The Air National Guard provides a considerable portion of the Air Force’s refueling capability – not sure where this was filmed – may have been England or somewhere in Europe – don’t believe it was in the US because of the vehicles used – but it may have been in Tennessee . . . OnContinue reading “134th ARW / KLAXON – KLAXON – KLAXON”

Are YOU Emotionally Prepared for YOUR Cancer Diagnosis?

From Vox Popoli <<<CLICK HERE to go THERE>>> Solving the Recurrence Riddle One of the consequences of the vaxx that has been observed by many people is the way in which cancer patients in remission have been seeing their cancers come back, and coming back at an alarmingly aggressive rate after being vaxxed with theContinue reading “Are YOU Emotionally Prepared for YOUR Cancer Diagnosis?”