We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains – Paul Harvey

In 1965, American radio host Paul Harvey gave an immense warning to the American people about the fate of the nation. “We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains” is a short film about the the parallels between the warning Harvey gave over fifty years ago, and today with the Socialist influences in government and society. HaveContinue reading “We Were Warned: Freedom to Chains – Paul Harvey”

Kamala : The Big Con Job . . .

Audio is “soft” on this next clip – If she is our “Savior” – why won’t she answer questions?? Every time this creature is given an opportunity to “enlighten” we the people – she doesn’t – if her and George Soros’s ideas are so great – Why no Questions??? You would think it would beContinue reading “Kamala : The Big Con Job . . .”

The Tennessee Star puts another Center Field Hit into the Bleachers !!

Antifa Aren’t Revolutionaries -They Serve the Powers That Be . . . Antifa rules the streets of Portland and sows chaos in many other American cities. Millions of Americans don’t like Antifa, but many struggle to figure out who these black-masked radicals really are. Conservatives like to call Antifa “fascist” or the modern-day successor toContinue reading “The Tennessee Star puts another Center Field Hit into the Bleachers !!”