Another Great One from Paul Harrell : Shooting In Stressful Situations

He gives you a good framework to use to formulate a good skill set – WARNING – He uses and stresses the P word multiple times in the course of the video – because that’s what it takes – PRACTICE! Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Fish Heads are Cheap!!

Headed Off to Start My Week – With a Song in My Heart!!

what do YOU play for a sound track in YOUR head to set YOUR mind right for another WONDERFUL week at work – and you have to click through to the TUBE – some fucking shit about for the children – or some such shiit! All Y’all have a GREAT week . . . HaveContinue reading “Headed Off to Start My Week – With a Song in My Heart!!”

Defend Biden on this. I dare you.

Just so you folks know – the pedophile you’re watching is talking about a 9 year old girl – please step right up and defend pedophilia – we’re all waiting . . . And by the way – cognitive thought processing is optional . . . Old Pedo Joe goes completely off the rails atContinue reading “Defend Biden on this. I dare you.”

All Y’all Need to slip over to The Intrepid Reporter

Motivation on This? Greetings Me Droogs N Droogettes!Much ado aboot nuthin’ IMOBUTThe new Stalinist Ministry of Media Propaganda has deemed it most worthy for some inscrutable reason to start ‘pumping up the volume’ on a story ’bout some missing DotMil ordinance.  LOTS n LOTS of stories about a stolen box of, and I quote: “armor piercing grenades”.<le sigh>Continue reading “All Y’all Need to slip over to The Intrepid Reporter”