Trump, Snakes and Pizza…

Folks – if the blog “My Planet – My Rules” is not on your list of daily reads – IT SHOULD BE!! Here’s a couple of excepts from the post on the 17th – +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Trump, Snakes and Pizza… “Show me the man and I will find you the crime…” — Levrentiy BeriaI seriously didContinue reading “Trump, Snakes and Pizza…”

Power of Descision . . .

“Coverage of simulated war plan action, in the event of an attack, which was executed at the Operation Control Room, Offutt AFB, Nebraska, and at the underground control room (location SECRET), by Strategic Air Command. Footage includes pilots and ground crewmen scrambling; pilots boarding aircraft; B-47’s, B-52’s, and B-58’s taxiing, taking off, maneuvering, and landing;Continue reading “Power of Descision . . .”

The BMEWS Mission : The Men of TOR

“Here’s a now declassified look at the BMEWS [Ballistic Missile Early Warning System] radars that were in place in Alaska, Greenland, and the UK. Of interest to radio amateurs and others are the water cooled 9 foot tall tubes used in the transmitters, the miles of waveguides leading to the reflector antennae, and the immenseContinue reading “The BMEWS Mission : The Men of TOR”

If You Do Nothing Else . . .

. . . over the next week or two – read “The Real War” by Richard Nixon– the premise being economics is the real war that matters – and read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin and read how economic warfare is being waged against “We The People” by private concerns, theContinue reading “If You Do Nothing Else . . .”

Where / When Does Constructive Possession Begin?

So now that the gun control movement cult of death is turning it’s focus back on pistol braces and I’m sure it will be an immediate death sentence for even constructive possession of an AR pistol brace – followed at some point by a nice fair trial – I have to ask – When doesContinue reading “Where / When Does Constructive Possession Begin?”