A Really good Program

When he talked about MITO – this is what he was talking about – seen one involving the ready alert aircraft from Barksdale AFB years ago – OMFG!! Everybody – and I mean everybody squeezes their cheeks together – because you just don’t know – all you do know is the klaxon goes off andContinue reading “A Really good Program”

Kfir brigade to become an elite infantry unit

It was announced today that the Chief of the General Staff of the IDF Lt. Gen. Aviv Kochavi had decided that Kfir, the Israeli Army’s largest infantry brigade, will receive a new mission. Currently, Kfir brigade comprises of five battalions, among them the ultra-Orthodox “Netzach Yehuda” (Judah Forever), battalion . . . Click on theContinue reading “Kfir brigade to become an elite infantry unit”

And then there is this from Random Acts of Gibberish . . .

An Open Letter to Virginia Democrats . . . Dear urban Democrats who elected these psychopathic crime-enablers, You fucked up. You elected Democrats who promised to reduce “gun” violence. And give you lots of free shit, of course. Plus, you probably thought you were sticking it to those damned rural redneck Republicans. Look at theContinue reading “And then there is this from Random Acts of Gibberish . . .”