missile attack on battleship USS Missouri

A really good article about the USS Missouri being engaged by seersucker missiles during Operation Dessert Storm : Read it Here . . . – had to have been a real cheek squeezing moment – the biggest target in the path of a large near supersonic anti-ship missile !


From a really good site wwiiafterwwii.wordpress.com – check it out !!

The navy sure upgraded a bunch of stuff on the Iowa class battleships by the 80’s and had they remained in service they had some very interesting ( to say the least ) upgrades on the drawing board – will hunt some of it up if I can find it and post it for you – take the time to check out the site as it has some neat stuff . . .

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Big Brothers – Big Sisters


My Glock 20 Joined Big Brothers – Big Sisters recently – Showed up with this little “sibling” – not being one to question 20’s motivation for being so giving of self for associating with any particular civic organization ( far be it from me to judge ! ) I will say that we will do everything to make his “little brother” welcome in the home. Plenty of food – toys – play time – serious studies. If my Glock 20 is willing to make that level of commitment – I am willing to do everything I can to support his decision,

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Good Stuff Alert! – Shepard’s Pie

Always on the look out for “different” stuff to fix for a change of pace – I don’t remember who’s website I was on, but this cook book was advertised on it. I clicked through to Amazon looked at it and ordered it.


Having a stash of cast iron cook ware – left overs from our camping days -and a cook book tailored for cast iron skillet cooking looks like it may very well be a good match up !! Let’s take a look at the recipe –


Pretty simple – I substituted instant potatoes for the mashed taters – still added an egg to them – next time I will add a package of softened cream cheese to the taters as well -Mmmm . . .

Fresh out of the oven . . .


A bowl of it . . .


Was kinda worried about the “filling” being too thin – but t came out good . . .


Overall a really good recipe – filling – warming – comfort type stuff – have a nice cup of coffee after supper and you are all set.


And yes I have “served” people coffee in that cup -I mean if they can’t take a joke, right?

Although I admit to having never served the preacher’s wife coffee in that particular cup, it might be just what the doctor ordered – LOL!!

As I work my way through the cook book I will put some more “results” up.

Remember – Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and don’t forget – Fish Heads aren’t the only thing I can cook!!