Taylor Brands LLC / Schrade “Old Timer” Land Shark – or Is It?

I had one of these years ago – about 30 years or more actually – the little knife decided to play hide and seek – it was a real good hiding place because I never found it – LOL – life went on and I had forgotten about it completely when I happened on thisContinue reading “Taylor Brands LLC / Schrade “Old Timer” Land Shark – or Is It?”

From BladeHq / In Russia – Kalashnikov Carries You!

From 2 years ago – so the prices are up slightly – <<< GO HERE -and check out Boker’s line of Kalashnikov knives – WORTH THE TRIP . . . >>> These guys always seem to have a good time doing these videos . . . Good stuff – carried one daily for 4 monthsContinue reading “From BladeHq / In Russia – Kalashnikov Carries You!”

Hen & Rooster – I’m Not talking Chicken Ranch Stuff

One of the “old time” brands that still exist today in the knife world is Hen & Rooster. The bulk of their production is still in Germany with some knives being made in Spain – and of course China. For their “story” you can <<< GO HERE >>> and read it off their site. prettyContinue reading “Hen & Rooster – I’m Not talking Chicken Ranch Stuff”

Do You Remember Kissing Crane Knives??

Chances are you have handled a Kissing Crane Knife – maybe your Great Grandfather’s – or your Grand Father’s – or Father’s or Uncle’s knife – Kissing Crane has been around a long time – <<< company history from their site HERE >>> – they are now out of Taiwan and they don’t make aContinue reading “Do You Remember Kissing Crane Knives??”

Two For You from BladeHQ : Old School / New School : Real Cool

Y’all didn’t know I was a poet – did ya?? We are going to look at two stilettos I picked up from BladeHQ – and they are both stilettos yet they are very different . . . They are both automatic or what are commonly called switchblade knives . . . The top one isContinue reading “Two For You from BladeHQ : Old School / New School : Real Cool”

Kalashnikov by Boker – from Blade Hq

I have been wanting a knock around auto knife for a long time but I just couldn’t wrap my head around carrying a 200 to 400 dollar ( or more ) knife as a grunge knife – cutting everything from insulation off of wire to a chunk of sausage – something a little easier toContinue reading “Kalashnikov by Boker – from Blade Hq”