Downtown – F-105 – Thuds in Vietnam

Really good documentary – no hype – no bullshit – just reality – and the nick name THUD – that’s from the noise they would make when they landed without the use of a runway!! ( for you folks in Rio Lindo – shot down . . . ) and I could not help myselfContinue reading “Downtown – F-105 – Thuds in Vietnam”

What They Secretly Told Us During the Halftime Show

Why do you think it is called television PROGRAMMING . . . Have Fun! – Run the Gun! – and remember – Television is PROGRAMMING and Fish Heads are Cheap!! Update – I went back and looked at this and realized that I shouldn’t post shit when I’m more asleep than awake – LMAO InContinue reading “What They Secretly Told Us During the Halftime Show”

Naval Gunfire Support : Okinawa – Running BIG Guns

h Running BIG guns – and they are incredibly accurate and devastating to just about anyone close – in Viet Nam if you needed a helicopter landing zone and the USS New Jersey was close enough – you had a helicopter LZ – you can look HERE and see the 68-69 USS New Jersey (BBContinue reading “Naval Gunfire Support : Okinawa – Running BIG Guns”