Swallwell ‘Guilty’ Charge Unintentionally Exposes Absurdity of Red Flag Laws

Still, concluding someone is guilty before they have been proven so beyond a reasonable doubt is the shaky foundation upon which the whole “red flag law” house of cards has been erected. And President Trump himself should be having a “hoist on his own petard” moment when his own words about that are thrown backContinue reading “Swallwell ‘Guilty’ Charge Unintentionally Exposes Absurdity of Red Flag Laws”


Bloomberg’s millions are sure being used well in Virginia – Look at the fine upstanding governor and legislature that it bought – filthy lucre = filthy purchase – can’t hardly get more filthy than ralph northam ( lower case intentional ) and his co-conspirators . . . A couple of quick videos from Mrgunsngear channelContinue reading “WHAT IS IT GOING TO TAKE??”